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Designed beanies 4 u offers a wide selection of beanies made with your choice of colors to represent your team. Beanies are available for any sport including NFL, NBA, NHL, or your school team colors.  Each hat will show your team colors so you can represent your style and not look like everyone else at those sporting events you may attend.  Wear a beanie and stay warm while at a tailgate party before the big game. You never know whose attention you may get!!!!! Great as a gift or for the whole family. Each one will be a little different in style. No excuses if your beanie disappears "ooops I thought it was mine"  because it will not look like anyone elses, unless you specifically order a duplicate.

Designed beanies 4 u, also offers berets, scarfs, hats and baby blankets. Each one is unique in the style or type of pattern that is designed in each order.
I also make hats with a distinctive flair giving you a personal touch. Check me out on facebook or Instagram at: time4me65. You can see all my different styles and contact me with your order at
to place your orders or complete  contact sheet and I will contact you as soon a possible.

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Who am I?
My name is Lisa and I have been crocheting since I was 8 years old. I have been making beanies-hats-scarfs designed especially for you the customer for a few years. If you want a unique beanie with your specific team colors for whatever team you might want to represent or group. A selection of hats have been made especially for the customer who has had to experience hair loss but would like a little bit of their own personality coming through to also allow air flow to the scalp. Contact me for your beanie, scarf, skull cap for men, women and children.
Choose your special design for the unique person you are.
Don't get caught wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing!!! Even if you want to wear your team colors, let me help you wear those colors and stand out in the crowd. I will crochet you a beanie with your choice of colors
Choose a style or color and contact me with your order each one is especially designed for you, the customer. From a slouchy hat to a skull cap for you guys in whatever style you want from a solid color to Rasta colors.  And for the ladies viewing my many styles how about a beanie, beret or cute baby hat for those cold days or to bring home the new baby and have a hat for your memories of how small your preciouse bundle of joy is from day one. Know two are usually alike since they are all hand crocheted.
Contact Information
Each order is hand made with the customer at heart, so please let me know if there are any special circumstances. I will respond within 24 hours to any contact request. 
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